8 top tips for buying a new-build home off plan with Wharfedale Homes

New-build homes are extremely sought after as homebuyers benefit from a more energy-efficient property with less maintenance. Buying a new home before it’s built is becoming more common as homebuyers fight to secure these new homes for sale in their desired location. Here are our top tips for buying a new-build house off plan. 


1. Visit a Show Home

The majority of buyers reserving at our upcoming development, Swanland Road in Helmsley, have reserved off plan after visiting our show home just around the corner at our Linkfoot Lane development.

Wharfedale Homes have show homes at both our Dalton and Helmsley sites. Visiting one of these developments will help you get a clear understanding of the quality and specification of the houses we produce. Contact us today to arrange a viewing.


2. Discover more about the site

Developers build in phases. Our Willow Bridge Lane site in Dalton has only two homes left in phase one and we are about to begin work on phase two. At our upcoming Helmsley site we will begin building only 10 or 60 homes.

To discover more about the timescale of the different build phases and find out what homes are available to you, arrange an appointment with Wharefdale Homes to talk through your options.


3. Research the Area

Ensure you research the town or village surrounding your new home thoroughly. Start with the fundamentals: Where are the nearest schools and how easy is your commute to work? Then think about the finer details such as the facilities, shops and attractions. Check nearby house prices in case you may come to sell your property in the future. You can find info about the areas we build in on our development pages here.


4. Plot the Floor Plan

It can be extremely difficult to visualise your new home from a pdf of floor plans. Pull out your tape measure to really understand the dimensions of the rooms in your new home. If you need to, step outside and mark out the corners of the rooms in your garden.


5. Visit the Site

Whether it’s a building site or still a plot of grass, it’s important to visit the land your new-build home will stand on. Drive around the area to get an understanding of the roads leading to and from your new home. Don’t forget to look up to get a clear picture of the views. 

Our Swanland Road development is proving popular with buyers reserving off plan as the site is set back behind the centre of the village and overlooks quiet countryside. 


6. Sort the Financials 

It’s important to ensure the funds to purchase your new house are in place. Instruct a financial advisor for help as some mortgage lenders won’t finalise the lending until six months before the completion date. You’ll need to pay a 10% reservation fee and exchange contracts to secure the home and also pay your deposit. 


7. Reserve your plot

Once all the financials are in place you can complete the reservation forms to stamp your name on your new home.


8. Don’t Miss Out

New-build homes are extremely popular as homeowners benefit from a more energy efficient property and less maintenance. Buying a property off plan ensures you don’t miss out on a sought-after new-build home in your desired location. 


Looking for a new-build home in Yorkshire. Add your name to our new-build home alerts today to discover upcoming new houses in your area.

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