What is NHBC Buildmark?

Anyone purchasing a new-build home in the UK will receive deposit protection and warranty and insurance protection through NHBC Buildmark. NHBC Buildmark allows new-build home buyers piece of mind that their new home is built to national industry standards and protected by a 10 year warranty.

10 Year Warranty 

Cover starts from exchange of contracts and lasts up to a maximum period of 10 years after the legal completion date. Through the NHBC Buildmark scheme your warranty is covered by Wharfedale Homes during the first two years. After the builder warranty ends, a further 8 years insurance up to a maximum of 10 years is covered by the NHBC. 

NHBC Buildmark

NHBC Standards

All homes are subject to rigours checks to ensure they adhere to NHBC building standards before exchange of contracts.

Download Buildmark Policy Documents 

On this page you can read the Buildmark policy in the Insurance Policy Information Document by downloading them from the menu on the right.

Consumer Code

You can read the Consumer Code for Home Buyers by downloading the guide from the menu on the right.

To see a full list of standards set out by the NHBC go to www.nhbc.co.uk.

The following aren’t covered by Buildmark: Storms, fire or flood (your normal buildings and contents insurance should cover these); Replacement of solar tiles or panels solely because they do not generate heat or electricity; Cracking, spalling or mortar erosion which does not impair the structural stability or protection from the weather; Any additional work done to the property after the completion date that is not as a result of the responsibilities of the builder; Wear and tear, neglect and failure to do proper maintenance; Damage to roof covering, unless the damage results in entry of water into the home; Changes in colour, texture or staining of external finishes.

Yes. Your NHBC warranty covers your home should you feel your home has not been built to the correct NHBC standards. You will still need typical buildings and contents insurance to cover storms, fire, flood, accidental damage, theft, etc.

The first two years after legal completion of the first purchase of the home is the builder warranty period. If you tell the builder during this period that they have failed to meet the NHBC requirements, they must put this right within a reasonable time. After the two year period and up to 10 years you can contact the NHBC on 0800 035 6422.

If, after you contact the builder, they do not put things right, please contact the NHBC. They offer a resolution service to help and, in certain circumstances, the NHBC guarantee to cover the work.

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